Career Profile

Dynamic IT professional with a proven track record in cybersecurity, poised to deploy expertise in fortifying digital assets and orchestrating resilient security protocols. Adept in collaborating with stakeholders to drive technical advancements and achieve strategic business objectives. Expertise in project and team management with a strategic, detail-driven mindset, looking to apply extensive experience in IT and security towards new professional challenges.


Tier 2 Support Technician

2021 - Present
Collett Systems LLC, West Bend

responsibilities: - Managed backup solutions, ensuring data redundancy. In progress of implementing a new deployment of our backup software for clients. Led M365 migration projects, optimizing productivity tools for clients. Collaborated on network design and implementation, ensuring robust and secure networking solutions. Spearheaded and implemented a secure ephemeral password relay system, enhancing client security. Started a proper documentaiton initiatative, and set the standards for client documentation.

Manager, Upholstery Technician

2001 - 2005 2009 - 2021
Dan Frank Upholstery, Oconomowoc

Skilled artisan and built one off custom automotive, marine, and aircraft interiors. Managed all operations of the shop including sales, client consultations, vendor managment, invoicing, and inventory. Also supported and managed all technology systems for the company.

Infantry Soldier, Assistant Unit Armorer

2005 - 2009
U.S Army, Colorado Springs

As an Infantry Soldier, I actively contributed to key logistics and supply chain management, ensuring operational efficiency and resource availability. I served as an Assistant Unit Armorer, responsible for the meticulous maintenance and accountability of weapons, supporting the safety and readiness of the unit. My participation in rigorous training and operations fostered enhanced team cohesion and operational readiness. I also played a significant role in the Second Battle of Ramadi and Operation Murfreesboro, contributing to critical stabilization efforts and support operations, which were vital to the mission’s success in the region. pellentesque eu, pretium quis, sem.


Protege GX Installer Level 1

2021 - 2023

Certified to install and maintain ICT’s Protege GX and WX door access control systems.

Skills & Proficiency





Active Directory, DNS, DHCP

Entra ID, Office 365 Management

Visio & Photoshop & Powerpoint

Endpoint Security

Network Design and Firewalls